Thursday, September 18, 2008


For those of you who love movies - the producers of "Facing the Giants" have a new movie dew out at the end of the month. You may recognize the leading character from the hit tv show - "Growing Pains." Kirk Cameron also is affiliated with a Evangelism ministry called The Way of the Master. You can learn more about this ministry at

If this movie is as good as "Facing the Giants" it might be worth the few bucks at the box office. Click on the Banner below and you can watch the preview.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Feature - Subscriptions to my Blog is now a few steps away.

Hey friends - I just added a new feature to my blog which will send emails to you inbox whenever I post an update. All you need to do is to add your email address to the subscribe box to the right of the page.

A notification will show up in your inbox requesting that you click on it to confirm your address. (note the confirmation request might show up in your junk mail if you have your filters set on high - so you will want to check their for the confirmation request.)

If you don't understand how it works - - you can read more about it from this article published by FeedBurner/Google - at the following web address: .

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav hits Louisiana.

Gustav Satelite Photo smaller

I find myself - somewhat blah as we await the fury of Hurricane Gustav. We have done all of our preparations and we managed to get some sleep last night - except for an early morning (4am) run that I made to the ice vending machine. Our attempts to buy ice yesterday found the machine empty with the same message blinking on the screen - "Machine unavailable for the next 4 hours."

Not Surprisingly - there were very few people out and about at the time in the morning - except those ice chest toting early risers who had the same idea that I had. My guess is – that I will see their faces again in the next few days and maybe even a few more crazy haired survivors hoping to stay cool. Maybe I will bring a couple of million dollar bills to see if anybody is in the mood to talk about spiritual things.

I remember after Hurricane Katrina – that most people were so shaken by the utter destruction caused by the storm that many people were speaking God’s name in ordinary conversation. Along with his name they were using words like spared, mercy and gracious all in the same sentence.

I remember taking advantage of people’s openness to talk about God – due to the events of the storm and the reality of life and death. Many seemed more interested to hear about heaven and hell, about God’s anger and wrath. There was a certain liberty in conversation to proclaim that God is patient and kind and slow to anger yet his wrath is kindled against the unrighteousness of men. Who could imagine that so many in our communities would be asking the question, “Has this been some kind of punishment or judgment from God?”

I hope to take advantage of the conditions of those whom I come in contact with – that I might speak to them about God’s mercy in sparing us from the storm and I hope to exhort them to give attention to the evident reality that the next storm may not be so kind to our communities. We are not certain that when the next storm comes – God will not require our life from us.

If you have not considered that one day – you will stand before the God who has a wrathful anger towards all men, women and children who have committed sin while in their flesh. One day you will give an account for all of the unrighteousness that you have done and will be judged guilty for your crime and cast out into the lake of fire where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

There is still time – this day – to seek the Lord. You can seek to be reconciled with God through the work of Jesus Christ his son. If you are not certain – how to go about seeking the Lord – please listen to my messages or check out the links provide on this page. I would be more than happy to talk with you about being reconciled to God through Jesus Christ – so please contact me via email and we can set up an appointment.