Thursday, February 23, 2012

7 Distinctives of Trinity Baptist Church

From time to time, individuals will ask me or members of Trinity Baptist Church to tell them something about our congregation. Our Pastors have identified 7 Distinctives that really bring the Biblical expression of our congregation into focus. In this blog post, I wanted to share them with you for your consideration.

The First distinctive of Trinity Baptist Church is: Christ Centered

CHRIST CENTERED - By this we simply mean that the centrality of Christ is at the very heart of our church. We recognize His ownership of our church and seek to glorify Him in everything we do. It is our great desire that our worship, our theology, our preaching, and our evangelism all have Christ as the focus and that our lives be conformed to His perfect righteousness. He is worthy of all praise, honor, and obedience. Recognizing Christ as King over all things, we look for His return when all men will stand before Him to give account.

The second distinctive of Trinity Baptist Church is: Sound Doctrine

SOUND DOCTRINE - We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God. The Bible alone is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice. We presuppose the authority and sufficiency of Scripture in every work of our church. A right understanding of Scripture is essental; it governs everything in our church from our worship to our preaching and teaching to the lives of our members. We are a confessional church which means we hold to a statement of faith or confession as an expression of what we believe about the Bible.

The third distinctive of Trinity Baptist Church is: Biblical Worship

BIBLICAL WORSHIP - We believe the Bible is the only rule to determine the proper worship of God. We incorporate into our worship only those elements that can be specifically found in the Bible. We give a high priority to the preaching of God's Word. We sing hymns that exalt our Lord. We seek to observe Baptism and the Lord's Supper in a Biblical manner and recognize that the Lord's Supper is the place of discipline. As a church, we have resisted the modern church-growth movement's tactics which place a premium on entertainment while giving little significance to the preaching of God's Word.

The fourth distinctive of Trinity Baptist Church is: Expository Preaching

EXPOSITORY PREACHING - In contrast to topical or other forms of preaching, we believe expository preaching to be the best way of preaching the whole counsel of the Word of God. Expository preaching allows the text to direct the flow of the sermon and maintains balance and consistency as we set God's Word before the congregation.

The fifth distinctive of Trinity Baptist Church is: Personal Holiness

PERSONAL HOLINESS - It is the great desire of our congregation to conform every area of our lives to the Word of God. Personal sanctification is an ongoing work of God in the lives of His people and the New Testament continually presses the work of growing in hoiness as the pursuit of every Christian. We emphasize the importance of strong families in the pursuit of holiness. In addition, we believe in a regenerate church membership and that true Christian conversion will be accompanied by the fruit of holiness.

The sixth distinctive of Trinity Baptist Church is:

LOVING COMMUNITY - We place high importance upon our covenant relationship, each of us watching over one another in love. In our union with Christ we have been blessed with unity with one another. Our members continually seek ways to express the love of Christ.

The seventh of Trinity Baptist Church is: Commitment to Evangelism

COMMITMENT TO EVANGELISM - We believe in the importance of evangelism. God has clearly commanded us to preach the Gospel to all men. Although we understand that salvation is a supernatural work of God and that it is not in our power to bring about the change that enables a person to embrace Christ, we have great confidence that our labors will never be in vain. We believe the church must be involved in purposed evangelism and that every believer must endeavor to place the Gospel of Christ before all men.